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Hey. So, who am I? 🤔

I’m Luke. I’m a hobbyist photographer and videographer from Surrey in the UK. I’ve been doing this for a few years now and I’ve gotten feedback from family, friends, coworkers and strangers who’ve seen my work that it’s ‘pretty’ good and as such I’ve decided to showcase it more publicly by means of this place and being more active on social media.

Further reading 📚

I’m 25 this year and my current DSLR is an old Nikon D3300 (pending upgrade) and my current drone is a Mavic Air. While I obviously use my drone for anything in the air, I currently prefer to use my iPhone 11 Pro Max over my Nikon since it’s just easier and more convenient unless the Nikon and the range of lenses I have for it will be more suitable.

A bit of history 🌙

I first got into photography during my first job out of college. I had a friend who already did photography and we got talking about it one day. Soon after that I picked up the D3300 after much decision making and discussion. Ideally I wanted a DSLR body on the cheaper end of the spectrum for a few reasons: 1) back then I didn’t have that much spare money to splash out and 2) I knew the lenses are typically more expensive than the body itself – so I wanted to save a bit there.

Closing note ☕

All the images you see on this website (lukes.photography) are mine and no permission is given to use them elsewhere unless you have explicit written permission from myself. You can email me with the handy link in the bottom left. 🙂

Also, I’m not on social media.

PS, you can email me >> hello 📧 lukes ⚫ photography