Who is Luke?

I am Luke Clements and one of my main hobbies is photography. I enjoy the creative and physical freedom that comes with doing this as it lets you express your view on the world in a way that’s typically unique to you. After doing this for a few years I’ve gotten feedback from family, friends, coworkers and strangers who’ve seen my work that it’s ‘pretty’ good and as such I’ve decided to showcase it more publicly by means of this place and being more active on social media.

At the top of the homepage you’ll see a carousel of my best pictures and you’ll find other good bits and pieces scattered throughout galleries once they’re available. Eventually there will be an option to order canvas prints of select pictures for ordering though I don’t currently have a timeframe to share on this. The links to these galleries and print store will be in the navigation bar once available.

As a side note I’d like to reiterate that all work displayed on this site and my social media is property of me (Luke Clements) unless explicitly stated otherwise. Please don’t use my work without prior written consent from me. You can contact me via email or social media.


I’m 23 and my current DSLR of choice is a Nikon D3300 (though I’m looking to move to Canon/EOS range) of which I do most of my photography on. I have an iPhone X and the cameras happen to be pretty decent on it so I use that for some photos too. Most photos I show will have a short bit of text to accompany them and there you’ll find information about the camera I used, possible configuration (ISO, f/ etc) and location if appropriate.

Most of the photography seen on social media has been shot on my DSLR, though more recent things were shot on the X. I’ll be honest with the X though, the cameras are, like. pretty good. I do want to start using that during the day for shots that have no close (or far subject). Pictures of buildings, cityscapes and landscapes are the ones I’d like to take on my X. Obviously it can’t overrule a DSLR with a lens equipped for the job when it comes to distant or close objects so while out and about I’d obviously still carry my DSLR.

Brief bit of history

I first got into photography during my first job out of college. I had a friend who already did photography and we got talking about it one day. Soon after that I picked up the D3300 after much decision making and discussion. Ideally I wanted a DSLR body on the cheaper end of the spectrum for a few reasons: 1) I didn’t have that much spare money to splash out and 2) I knew the lenses are typically more expensive than the body itself – so I wanted to save a bit there. Fast forward 2-3 years later and I have two additional lenses on top of the kit lens, an iPhone X and a few tripods.. though I am looking for a bigger and better tripod and one that can hold a phone.

I’d like to get into videography too, though I wouldn’t really know how to go about that. What do people take videos of? The landscape? All that comes to mind with “videographers” are basically vloggers and I don’t want to be a vlogger.. at least not now.

I’ll include handy links to my social media and other methods where you can contact me here: Instagram | Facebook | Email | Quick contact form